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We are a full-service company offering both home staging for selling and redesign makeovers and for living. We know that busy home owners like you don’t have extra time, money or energy to make their home beautiful for living or sensational for selling. That’s where we come in!

Staging for Living & Home Redesign


If you are tired of the look of your home and simply want it refreshed with perhaps a few new home décor purchase we can assist you with that. Our goal is to make your home beautiful for living or for selling. We also offer ‘Move In’ services because we know how big a job preparing your home for sale can be!




Staging Homes for Sale

Did you know that over 90% of potential buyers look on the Internet first before they decide whether or not they want to come and see your home? That is why you need to hire the professionals like us to create buyer appeal so you are first on their ‘Must See’ list!

At Hummingbird Home Staging and Redesign we know the importance of that ‘first impression’ to have your home stand out from the competition and be remembered.

If you are selling, we can provide a consultation that allows us to determine what changes will need to be made for your home to get it ‘Market Ready. We will advise you on the best home improvements, if any, are required and suggest rental furnishings if your home needs a more updated look.

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Staging Vacant Homes

The challenge here is to put enough furniture and décor into the Home that the buyers can picture themselves living there. This is my specialty! I love to decorate empty spaces!

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Need help decorating for the holidays? 

Whether it’s Christmas or a birthday party, we love to decorate no matter the occasion!

Our involvement is up to you, we can work with you and:

  • Meet for an “Ideas Consultation” to help come up with a theme or colour scheme, whatever is needed
  • Go shopping with you to help pick out the perfect decorations and accompanyments
  • Help go through your existing decorations and work with what you have and help adding to your collection
  • Do the actual decorating for you. With so many other things to prepare and worry about, let us do the decorating for you!

Take advantage of our vast network of contacts that will showcase your decorating and be the envy of all the neighbourhood!

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Hummingbirds are known for their joyous creativity, tireless energy and swift actionCall us today for a Consultation.