Home Not Selling? Here are Three Home Staging Tips to Learn from the Pros

1. Brighten a Room

Choose a key room in the home: maybe the living room, the kitchen or the entry way and brighten it up! It can be surprisingly easy – adding some pillows, removing dark pieces of furniture. Brighter rooms are more attractive to buyers.

2. How a House Smells is a Key Part of a First Impression

How does the home you’re trying to sell smell? If you’re living in a unit it can be easy to forget to think about the smell of your home because your senses have grown accustomed to it. You’ve probably heard of realtors baking cookies on the day of an open house, they’re doing that for a reason! Learn from the pros and make sure your space smells clean, fresh and welcoming.

3. Less is More: Declutter!

This may be the best tip of the bunch! Having a bunch of clutter laying around won’t appeal to anyone. Maybe you feel your belongings have sentimental value but if you’re looking to sell your home, putting them in storage or out-of-eyesight is a good idea. You want the space to feel open and clean so potential buyers can visualize their own belongings and life in the space.