At Hummingbird Home Staging we’re often asked to stage spaces of various sizes on a budget. In 2023, affordable home staging is even more important as interest rate hikes put added financial burden on some buyers and sellers. Here are our top three tips for keeping home staging affordable.

Declutter Your Space

The first step is to declutter your space as much as possible. Minimalism can elevate a space and make it feel larger, cleaner and more expensive. Consider putting your personal items like family photos, souvenirs and clothes to the side. You want potential buyers to be able to picture themselves in the space without being distracted by your belongings.

We Recommend Reusing What you Already Have

It’s often possible to use furniture, lamps, blankets and décor pieces that you already own. Moving existing pieces around into different configurations can totally transform a listing. We would be happy to help you visualize a new layout that highlights the best features of your property to entice potential buyers. We start with a whole-home assessment to determine if we need to source additional pieces from our inventory. During the whole-home assessment, we sometimes find pieces in rooms that would look better used in a different room.

Purchase a Few Key Items if Necessary

Once your home is decluttered and we’ve made the most of your existing pieces, it may be necessary to invest in a few key pieces to refine your home. Often, these items include vases, light fixtures or seating pieces (sofas, lounge chairs) that suit the size of the rooms. Depending on the budget of the seller, we’ll invest in pieces that add to the resale value of the listing. 

Staging your home can be an afforadable process that ads to the resale value of your listing. We’d love to discuss your home staging needs. Contact us for an estimate.