Save money and the environement by going natural and repurposing! Those are some themes in home staging and interior design this Spring 2020.


Here are Some Other Home Staging Trends to Keep in Mind this Spring 2020


  • Wicker is an earthy texture and is coming back on-trend! You’ll see baskets and bamboo items for the same reason.
  • Real flowers as per silk and plastic flowers as they’re a better, biodegradable alternative for the environment.
  • Recycled items: We recently discovered a small business that makes pillows made from old vintage rugs. An excellent repurposing of old materials!
  • Re-using old furniture by refinishing, resurfacing or painting. You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to transform old furniture.
  • Green is the big new color for Spring 2020, particularly used in varied shades and textures in one space.
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